Направи дом за старите изнемоштени животни и не прекинува да ги спасува

Тој разбира колку е тежок животот на старите животни…
Иако за некои луѓе делува дека овој човек баш и не е сосема при себе, сепак многумина сметаат дека е прекрасно што тој ги собира, спсасува и вдомува старите кучиња, кои повеќе никој не ги сака, но и другите животни на кои исто така им е потребна љубов и помош.Стив Волфганг, покрај многуте стари кучиња во својот дом чува и стара свиња, Бикини, како и зајчето Стјуарт.

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Even after I got home from the hospital last week I still ended up spending most of my time in bed and I rediscovered one of my favorite senior dog qualities; the ability to take a nap at the drop of a hat. All the dogs in my house are still pretty active but just start to say, ‘take a nap’ and every one of them will drop whatever they are doing (which sometimes means waking up from a current nap) and happily join me to drift off for an undetermined length of time. It’s really just one symptom short of narcolepsy. Wandering around the yard – stop -nap. Barking furiously at the squirrels – stop – nap. Already napping – stop – nap some more. Of course Engelbert has to run around barking and jumping on everyone for a few minutes after we get into bed, but then even he calms down to peacefully sleep as a pack. #napsters (Usually Enoch is on the floor at the foot of the bed so there is actually room for me.)

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Иако, можеби изгледа дека водењето грижа за толку животни е целосен хаос и дека тие можеби и патат, се во домот на Стив функционира во совршен ред и хармонија, поради што животните се и повеќе од среќни.

I had an incredible vacation but knowing that most of these guys were waiting at home for me made the plane ride back seem unending. Everyone is great and seems very happy that I’m here. Edna’s eyesight is getting bad so it took her a minute to realize I had walked in but then she was so happy and she rolled over so that I could rub her fat belly. As soon as Engelbert and Eeyore settled down Engelbert started bossing everyone around just so I didn’t forget who was really in charge. And Bikini lost her mohawk in the week that I was gone so she looks a little bit like a giant slug with eyelashes, still beautiful in my eyes though. It feels good to have everyone together and I’m grateful to get back to our routine. #routinelove

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Овој пожртвуван човек станува во пет часот во раните зори, за да подготви доручек за секој свој состанар, кој поради болеста и староста му треба специјална храна и нега.

Потоа ги води во заедничка прошетка.

Следат останатите оброци и терапии, а љубовта на овој човек кон животните е неопишлива. Уверете се и самите:

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