(ВИДЕО) На училиште ја малтретирале поради дебелината – Денес сите ѝ завидуваат

Студентката која на училиште била малтретирана, бидејќи била дебела изгубила скоро 40 килограми, па станала фитнес модел.

21-годишната Меган Гилберт од Далас опсесивно јадела додека не сфатила колку тажно изгледа на матурската фотографија.

Пред три години одлучила драстично да го промени животниот стил, а денес е фитнес тренер и модел.

This video doesn’t just show my physical change, but it shows my mental and emotional growth as well. I was so lost growing up.. I didn’t realize that self love and respect was important. I would binge eat and party, filling my body with drugs and poison. Instead of turning to God, I turned to the world. I couldn’t wear shorts or go to a dressing room at the mall without crying. Not because I was big but because I was lost and I hated everything about me… One week I was just tired of life, and took too many pills. I overdosed.. by the GRACE OF GOD I woke up and saw my foot tattoo “walk by faith not by sight.” From that moment on I found God again, and when I found God I found LOVE!! When I started to love and respect myself, I started to eat healthy and work out. Then it just all hits.. you sweat out the toxins, so you become MENTALLY and physically stronger. You learn persistence. You learn consistency. I was lost and now I am found. Do not give up. It takes time and it also takes failure. When you fail, you get back up and try again. Rest. and try again. 😌 at the end of the video you’ll see me getting washed clean of the Old Meghan, which was the best moment of my life. ❤️

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Lifting is not about how I look. (And yes my posing is messed up, I have a roll over my shorts, and my legs show the chubby side.❤️) I do not workout to have a nice body. I lift because it makes me stronger. It gives me a challenge to be a stronger and better me every time I walk into the doors of the gym. Within every rep, im bettering myself. What I learn in the gym, I apply to my life. It’s heavy and hurts, but the next time you do that lift, you’ll be stronger and it will be easier. Your muscle has to hurt and tear in order to grow. And the same goes for your life. If times are hard, keep pushing and then things will get better, and the next time this situation comes along you’ll be SO much more strong and able to handle it without as much stress. I body build because it not only helps my physical health, but my mental and spiritual health as well. Growing up, I didn’t have this concept about that and it has been LIFE changing❤️

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